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9 Tips To Make Your Boat Sell Faster

You’ve had so much fun with your boat, but the time has come to pick a new one. Either one that is larger, faster, shinier or  even newer. Will your boat be someone else's new pride and joy ? 

Let us give you a couple tips on how you can sell your boat fast. 

Tip #1 – Know the best time to sell your boat 

Being smart about the seasons will be your primary concern. For instance, most boat buyers barely open their wallet for a boat amid winter season - but some smart ones do ! 

Refrain from selling your boat in winter unless you want to sell at a low price. Instead, you can get the best price  for your boat exactly when the boating  season starts. This is a smart move since lots of people  are  hoping to purchase a boat then. 

Tip #2 – How much is the market willing to pay? 

The next point is to find the right price to list at, too high will scare off buyers, unless your boat is "super mint". But most people think their boat is worth more than the market, so see what else is listed and price accordingly, especially if you want a fast sale. You can also research the boat's worth by getting a advice and appraisals from an experienced boat sales professional.  

Tip #3 – Study your competitors? 

Keep in mind that you are not alone in the game. Some boat buyers may choose between buying a new boat instead of buying yours. But there may be long lead in times.  Therefore, you must promote your boat's  features that potential buyers may really like such as radio, GPS, fish finders. Newer gear is a bonus, older gear not so much. 

Tip #4 – Use a smart marketing strategy. 

Most boat buyers now use the internet to search for their ideal boats. In NZ Trade Me is the main source of boats for sale.  Displaying good-looking quality photos of your boat from different angles of the interior and exterior can help you win the game. Also share your boat, and your own boating story on the mighty Facebook . Facebook now also has a "Market" for selling too, so give that a try. 

Tip #5 – Look for a boat broker 

Not everyone has the aptitude of showing boats to potential customers and answering their queries. Why not ask a broker to do the job for you? However, hiring one will mean a less dollars in your pocket but at least he/she will get the job done  with minimal to no effort from you.  They may also be able to give you tips on how to best "pitch" your boat to the market. 

Tip #6 – Be patient 

You may have to wait for several months to sell your boat. Mariner has clients whose boats have been for sale for years!  Some are listed as a "wishful thinking" excercise too. If your boat has not sold after 3-4 months consider removing it and rethinking your marketing strategy. Long term listings sometimes are considered "tainted" and will attract low ball offers. 

Tip #7 – Keep it Clean & get great pics 

For the boat to look appealing, make sure you clean all the nooks and areas of the boat very well. Remove all the clutter. Start cleaning from the exterior to the interiors. Clean off mould, mildew and rusty stains. After everything has completely dried up, replace the gear and take some great pics on a sunny day. Avoid pics of your family and friends on the boat, this just positions the boat as yours and not that of a potential buyer who will want to make it his/hers. 

Tip #8 – Let the price be Flexible 

Your aim is to sell your boat at the best price possible,  your potential buyers are the people you need to bear in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself this question, "If I'm buying this boat, what would seal the deal ? What's better about this one over similar ones for sale ?  

Tip #9 – Consider doing a survey 

To help facilitate a quick sale , consider a survey to determine the condition of your own boat. Promote this as being available to interested parties.  Also a mechanical report will help too. Be mindful that everything you can do to help a potential purchaser get enthusiastic over your boat before anyone elses will help you. 

Happy Selling!