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Jet Ski Accessories everyone should have

More and more people are developing an interest in water sports. Among the most popular water sports is jet skiing. At Mariner, we always want our boaties to have the most protection and fun  while enjoying the water. 

Over the years, we have collected a list of Jet Ski accessories that everyone should have before going out to hit the water and play. These Jet Ski Accessories will enhance your time on the water. Of course the best accessory is Jet Ski insurance from Mariner!

Here are Mariner’s recommended Jet Ski accessories that will definitely help you enjoy your time on the water regardless of whether you have a Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or a Kawasaki. 

Life Jackets

Life jackets may not necessarily be the most fashionable piece of attire, but they are essential to keep you safe while you are out on open waters. Rough waters can easily toss passengers off board leaving them in serious trouble. A life jacket can keep you above water if you tumble off the watercraft. Fact is, life jackets are truly lifesaving. Unfortunately, some people still don’t realize this very important fact until they’re in a situation where they might need one.  

Getting the correct size of life jacket is imperative as the wrong size could make the situation worse. You'll likewise need a variety of sizes to keep everyone safe when jet skiing. Adult life jackets will not suit children.

Waterproof Phone Case

The amount of money and information on phones is worth protecting..

There are many waterproof phone cases available in the market, but as the old phones become obsolete, so do their cases. Instead of having to buy a new waterproof case each time you get a new phone, why not invest in a universal case that will fit most mobile devices and can last for a long time. 

A waterproof phone case is more of a pouch than a case, but it is weather proof and can hold almost any smart phone. This accessory can also work well for holding wallets and other  important items that need to be kept dry.  

Dock Line

Dock lines secure your vessel to a dock or jetty . For a  jet ski, a Bungee Dock Line or Double Braid Nylon Dock Line are commonly being used. 


If you want to go fishing or explore the water, then it is suggested you have an anchor onboard. However, not any anchor will do as many won’t fit in most jet skis. The best anchor to use may depend on where you’ll use it. 

A sand anchor, fluke anchor, mushroom anchor or a screw anchor are some of the options you can choose from. A good anchor is definitely an essential jet ski accessory. 

Solar Charger

A solar charger is one of the best PWC accessories you can buy.  

This accessory is good to have in case your jet ski battery dies on the water. Since a jet ski battery goes flat quicker, a solar charger can help maintain your battery life by trickle charging it during the off season. 

Be sure to stay under 5-watts for solar chargers as anything more may cause damage to the battery.  


PWC Fenders

To avoid damaging your hull when you dock, fenders are a must-have accessory for your watercraft. It is important that your fenders are correctly sized to your ski.  

Note: Protect your boat by installing your fenders properly.


Shock Tube

A Shock Tube protects you from ski rope kick back and helps keep the ski ropes away from the PWC impellers. Sucking stuff up in your jet ski is a pain to fix and time-consuming. 


Tow Tubes

A tow tube is one of the most fun  jet ski accessories  you can have. Being pulled on a tube is one of the best experiences you can have on the water! 

There are hundreds of different towable water tubes in various shape and size, but some are better than others. Even the best tow tubes have their flaws, so it’s good to know exactly what it is you’re buying beforehand. Each tube is unique, so it's important to get the one that fits your style of riding.  

Let’s not forget about the accessories that go along with the tubes – tow rope and an air pump! 


Tow Rope

It is always a great idea to have a good quality tow rope when towing anything with a jet ski. A tow rope needs to be strong, non-stretch or webbed nylon tow strap. Using a floating rope is ideal as it is less likely to get sucked into the intake grate of the towing jet ski. A strong tow rope will save you from getting real danger or damage as an ordinary rope will have the tendency to snap. 

Telescoping Paddle

A telescoping paddle is a jet ski accessory you would want to keep. This is collapsible so it would not take up a lot of room and it’s worth the little space it occupies. This collapsible paddle can be highly useful for the following situations:  

  • If your jet ski sucks up things like weeds, rocks and ropes.  
  • If you come up short of fuel. 
  • If your battery breaks down.  
  • As an instrument to help someone who is hurt and skimming in the water.  

This jet ski accessory is a great item to have in case any of the above situation happens. 


Cable Lock

The best way to lock down your jet ski on a dock is by using a cable lock around the front hook.  

Most drive up docks have a place for you to tie your cable lock around. Apart from a cable lock, always use a dock line in securing your jet ski to the dock.




You may want to attach a whistle on every life jacket you own so that you always have a sound producing device within reach. Make sure it is a whistle that works when it gets wet. This item is very useful in case you get injured and no one is around. 

Remember – only use it in a real emergency. 

Dry Bag

A dry bag works well in keeping your valuables sealed from getting wet. This is a jet ski accessory we highly recommend because sometimes the waterproof storage on PWC is limited so dry bags can be very useful. Most dry bags have buoyant material that allows it to float when dropped in the water. 

Jet Ski Wetsuit/Safety Gear

Riding a jet ski requires an appropriate dress code. Sure, your togs are fine in summer but investing in a good wetsuit or rash guard can extend your riding season by few months.  

To avoid getting blisters and sores around your thumb we strongly recommend you wear gloves. You may also want to put on water shoes to protect your feet when you’re blasting around on a watercraft 


Jet Ski Cooler

Being ready for a long day on the water means packing enough food and drinks to last everyone. Most coolers will work fine. But it is advised to have a jet ski cooler that is flexible and does not have a fixed hard body. Most jet ski compartments have relatively small opening and this won’t allow a hard cooler to fit.


Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

If by any chance you want to use your jet ski for fishing, you'll require a place to put your fishing rod. The Jet Ski Fishing Rod Rack & Cooler Holder Combo is a great choice. It offers adequate space for most coolers and makes jet ski fishing much easier.  

Remember to purchase a Cooler Rack and Fishing Rod holders that fit on the back of your personal watercraft.  

Jet Ski Ladder

During the process of buying a vessel some people don’t see the importance of a ladder. Obviously, one is required for a boat, but PWC sit much lower in the water. To save money, people will normally pass up buying a ladder only to find out later that they need one. 

Preferably, a factory built boarding ladder would be better, but a good quality jet ski ladder you’ll find in the market that is easy to install and store can be a great alternative. 

Waterproof Speakers

Having music on the water always makes riding much more fun. Good waterproof speakers are a must-have jet ski accessory. A built-in speaker is not a common thing on most jet skis but there are a lot of Bluetooth Speaker System available in the market.  

In choosing a speaker, find one that you can attach to just about any power sports vehicle to make it compatible with your PWC.


Safety Lanyard

Safety lanyard is a cord that attaches the kill switch of a jet ski to the rider’s wrist or life jacket. If the person wearing the lanyard falls off the water while riding, the power to the engine of the PWC automatically shuts off. 

While most PWC brands including Sea Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki have lanyards fitted as standard, some second-hand ones may not. We highly suggest to ensure that the jet ski you are buying has one fitted.



Apart from insurance, a jet ski cover is probably the best thing you can get your watercraft.  

To keep your watercraft looking and performing as good as the day you first set sail, it is advised to keep it under a cover if not being used. A cover can protect your jet ski from sun, water and other undesirable elements. A faded jet ski is hard to resell and a faded fiberglass gets easily broken.


Emergency Kit

Maritime NZ has minimum requirements for safety equipment on board all vessels. A basic emergency kit is important to feel safe and enjoy yourself on the water. It always makes sense to prepare yourself to handle emergencies, rather than wait for disaster to strike. Boat safety doesn’t have to get in the way of a good time, and it’s always better to be prepared.


Cleaner and Polish

Learning how to clean your jet ski properly is something every good owner should do. It is not hard to keep your jet ski looking new for years, all it requires is a little upkeep after buying it.  

A well maintained PWC does not only look better but it also keeps its resale value high.