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Want a boat but feel you can’t afford to run one… or know someone who feels that way? Already own a boat, but are concerned about all the costs involved? This concern may be especially relevant given the cost of fuel these da...

Sometimes boats need to rug up too, so we have gone looking for suggestions on boat covers.

We’ve got our heads around road traffic rules,​ but are we also up to speed with give way rules out on the water?

Feb 10 2022

Here's our tips and advice for towing your boat safely.

What happens to boats when they die? It’s a good question, especially in these days when environmental care is front of mind.

Did you know that around six percent of Coastguard callouts annually are related to fuel problems. Here are some pointers to ensure you’re not the cause of a callout.

The New Zealand marine industry predicted choppy waters ahead when Covid 19 arrived on our shores. It seemed a natural assumption but there was no need for any hard-time bracing; boat sales soared.

The process of docking a boat is recognised as being a stressful task for some. So here are some tricks and tips to help make it plain sailing.

A day out on the water can bring so much joy, and thankfully those with physical and mental disabilities have a number of ways to participate.

If you are a boater you need to be armed with the right information on what to do should things go wrong when you are out on the water