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A boat as your home?

A boat as your home? Living on a boat isn’t a decision to make on a whim – there’s plenty to consider beforehand and it obviously pays to do your homework. Without being a killjoy, Discover Boating features a comprehensive list of things to...
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Best apps for boaties

Best apps for boaties Want to know which are reportedly the best apps for New Zealand boaties? There are at least a dozen of them and they’re worth knowing about as many are safety-focused, and some are fishing and entertainment-themed. Boaties B...
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​Arguing the toss over fibreglass and aluminium boats

Arguing the toss over fibreglass and aluminium boats It may not be as controversial as the old Holden versus Ford debate, but there are plenty happy to argue the merits of fibreglass versus aluminium boats and vice versa, of course! Perhaps you...
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