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What it's like to own a superyacht

What it's like to own a superyacht What is it like to own a superyacht? Not too many can probably answer that question. For most, owning such a floating palace is the stuff dreams are made of. CNN travel went to those in the know to pos...
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Our top boating and sailing movies

Our top boating and sailing movies With colder weather on the way, you might have more time to spend on the sofa rather than on the water. So to keep you going we've selected our top boating and sailing movies. Action, drama, adventure, edge-of...
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The rise of electric boating

The rise of electric boats First there were electric cars, then electric aircraft, and now electric boats. Solar Sailor. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Electric boats have actually been around for a long time… for centuries, in fact. The hi...
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