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Superyachts to leave you speechless

Superyachts to leave you speechless There are superyachts and then there are over-the-top superyachts. What’s the difference you may ask? Well, the toys and facilities to be found on some of these boats are mind-boggling. Chances are you will...
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Boats of the future

Boats of the future Imagine charging your electric boat in five minutes, luxuriating on soybean seat covers, hiding your batteries in your yacht’s sales, insulation you can eat, and fully autonomous boats. Plus, for something that sounds like a Bi...
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Why a float plan is essential

We’re not just floating an idea – a float plan is essential. When your day doesn’t go as planned — and you’re not back at the dock when expected — ­someone needs valuable information so as to send the cavalry. That quote, from the b...
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