Bank Transfer Full Annual Payment

If you wish to pay by monthly instalments please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. Please only use this account to pay the full annual premium upfront.

Direct Credit/Online transfer to:
Mariner Marine Insurance Ltd Trust Account

Account number:

Please use the policy/quote number as the reference along with your surname.

Credit Card Full Annual Payment

We don’t accept instalments via credit card. Please see below for instalment application via direct debit.

Mandatory Fields*

Monthly Installments by Direct Debit Mandate

Please Note that our instalment options is run by our sister company “Watermark Premium Funding”. Conditions, finance terms & fees (approx. 10%) apply.

Installments are collected over the first 10 months of the 12-month policy period. This means that there are no scheduled payments in the last 2 months of the policy period. Please note that we do not accept instalments by credit card or automatic payments.

A template of the contract/agreement can be found HERE. Once the payments have been finalised we will send a copy of your contract to you by email.

To proceed with this option, simply:

  • Complete the direct debit mandate/payment authority online easily by: clicking HERE
  • Once done so, we will email through confirmation of the agreements and payment schedule to you separately.


As noted on your invoice, a 2% surcharge applies for VISA/MASTERCARD payment


After clicking the 'Place Order' button, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway where your payment details will be requested. After processing your payment on this site you will be brought back to your receipt.