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5 Last Minute Gifts for Boat Lovers

It’s easy to believe that a man who owns a boat is difficult to impress with a Christmas present, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Owning a boat is in fact the starting point for an endless wish list of gadgetry. From simple gear to advanced gadgets such as stereos, radios and action cameras.

As unwrapping day draws close, these 5 last-minute holiday gifts could save the day for you and your boating loved ones.

1. Power-free Bilge Pump

power free bilge pump

It looks may look dull and, in all fairness, it is - but what price peace of mind? As the boat moves with the waves and wind, this fully automatic bilge pump is being powered. It will keep a moored boat safe and dry, leaving you supremely undisturbed by dead batteries and stuck float switches. It has a flexibility strength of up to 10,000 Newtons and can drain up to 2,500 litres a day through the supplied 2.5-metre hose. It’s not glamorous but indeed very clever.

2. Inflatable Island

inflatable island

This inflatable island float is designed for 8 people and loaded with everything you'll need for having fun on the water. This can be used in giant pools, lakes or bays and it will surely come in handy when the times call for it. This inflatable includes a waterproof MP3 storage box with 4 speakers, 2 built-in coolers, 6 drink holders, a center cooling area, a sun deck for catching rays and a detachable boarding platform.

3. Snorkeling Face Mask

Snorkeling is so much fun. Anyone who loves seeing the life under the water’s surface will enjoy this gift, which fits around your entire face. That means, you can breathe through your nose and as well as your mouth, there’s no jaw discomfort, fogging issues are eliminated, and with the snorkel at the top you don’t have to worry about it coming out of alignment and dipping below the surface.

4. Waterproof bag

Dry bags are definitely a brilliant idea, but wearable ones are lot better. Rain or shine, all day excursion or quick trip ashore, waterproof bag is the perfect gear-protecting accessory for all water sports enthusiasts, outdoor and adventure travels and group trips. You can take it anywhere you go and travel carefree!

5. A Mariner Multitool

No boatie can live without a good quality Swiss Army Knife. They’re an extremely useful and handy tool for boaters and fishers. You can have this amazing Mariner Multitool for only $20.00 - packing and postage included. To buy call us at 0800 466 467.