Did you know that around six percent of Coastguard callouts annually are related to fuel problems. Here are some pointers to ensure you’re not the cause of a callout.

Jan 13 2022

Some aspects of boating are, quite simply, trickier than others and well worth dedicating some time to familiarising yourself with in order to achieve high competency. Crossing a bar is one of those things.

Every boat, regardless of size, must have a skipper & there’s no shirking your responsibilities if you’re a skipper – it’s as simple as that!

Now’s a good time to think about ways in which to make boating better for you and your family as we sail on in to 2022.

The New Zealand marine industry predicted choppy waters ahead when Covid 19 arrived on our shores. It seemed a natural assumption but there was no need for any hard-time bracing; boat sales soared.

Whoever knew that phrases such as turn a blind eye, toe the line, at loggerheads and chock-a-block have origins steeped in seafaring history.

The process of docking a boat is recognised as being a stressful task for some. So here are some tricks and tips to help make it plain sailing.

Ready for the summer boating season? Take a look at these pointers so you can be totally prepared for an excellent boating season.

A day out on the water can bring so much joy, and thankfully those with physical and mental disabilities have a number of ways to participate.

Speed doesn’t matter. Yeah, right!

Jason Hunter is Mariner’s newest crew member, taking on the role of Sales Support. Find out why he's a great catch for the Mariner team.