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A boat as your home?

A boat as your home?

Living on a boat isn’t a decision to make on a whim – there’s plenty to consider beforehand and it obviously pays to do your homework.

Without being a killjoy, Discover Boating features a comprehensive list of things to ponder before taking the plunge. Things like… are you living in a climate that is boat-friendly year-round; are you ready for a massive de-cluttering exercise; do you appreciate that maintenance on a boat may be worse than in a house in terms of frequency and specificity; how hard will it be with children or pets permanently onboard or even visiting? 

The article also addresses questions around safety and security, daily life and socialisation, and includes answers to some frequently asked questions such as “I already have a boat in a slip in a marina, so can I just move aboard?”

It is said that many romanticise the idea of living onboard a boat. But if you’ve done your preparation and go into this with eyes wide open, it may just be as fantastic as you hope.

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