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Common boat insurance claims during winter

Common boat insurance claims during winter

Many boaties have the misconception that when their boat is hauled out for storage or not being used, that it is a lot more secure and safe from harm’s way. Our claims figures tell a different story.

Here are Mariner’s Top 8 Claims During Winter

Theft - Thieves are more active during the first few months of winter. Taking advantage of shorter day light hours and thinking that all the equipment that has gathered over summer that hasn’t been put aside in storage yet is still onboard. If you have a ladder or boarding ladder, try and keep it locked up or locked away, so it is not as easy to board. You should also remove portable electronics or anything valuable.

Frost damage to engines - Damage caused by freezing is excluded in many boat policies but not with us! If you are in parts of the country that suffers from frosty days, take all necessary steps to winterize your engine, and take solace that if the unfortunate does happen, you have cover for such an event.

Falling trees - In winter, we find that falling trees or branches tend to find their way onto covers, hatches and windscreens. Trim any close tree’s that look potentially liable.

Flooding from blocked drains - An obstructed drain is one of the major causes of sinking or water damage. If a storm is headed your way make sure that the bilge pump is working, drains are clear and covers secured, waterproof and fit for purpose.

The rusty sailor – Berthing or boating handling mistakes are still experienced in winter, although you might not use the boat as often, those fewer times that you do your skill set might not be what it was when you were doing it every second weekend in summer, so we still get our fair share of whoopsies in winter. Even backing or towing your trailer boat mishaps, if it can happen, it seems to in winter.

Windscreen or covers - In winter we find windscreens, particularly on trailer boats are damaged due to strong winds, either in transit or whilst stored up, strong winds put a p lot of pressure on the frames leading to the screen cracking and frame deformed.

Canopies, Covers, Furlers – Yup you guessed it, they are a perishable item and not every insurer does, but we still cover them for unexpected damage.

Vermin Infestation – Another common exclusion by others, but our policy covers Vermin infestation. Do everyone a favour and keep a trap or rat bait on the scene over winter.

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