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Common boating mistakes to avoid

Common boating mistakes to avoid

We all want to avoid making mistakes and it's intriguing to know what the most common ones are in relation to boating.

A list of the 12 most common boating mistakes is as follows:

  1. Failing to check the marine weather forecast
  2. Running aground
  3. Forgetting to keep up with regular maintenance
  4. Hitting the dock
  5. Running out of gas
  6. Forgetting to put in the drain plug
  7. Overloading the boat
  8. Getting lost
  9. Putting out insufficient anchor line
  10. Running the engine while dry
  11. Improperly mooring the boat
  12. Trailering with the engine down and/or the top up

Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes, so take time to check out this Discover Boating article that provides solid information on how to avoid making any of those 12 errors.

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