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End-of-life boat problems

End-of-life boat problems

What happens to boats when they die? It’s a good question, especially in these days when environmental care is front of mind. The disposal of old boats has recently become the subject of multiple industry conferences and think-tanks, seeking to raise awareness of the “what to do with old boats” problem. 

Thankfully, some workable solutions have resulted to replace what’s currently the norm - the vast majority of old boats are simply cut up and buried in landfills. One thing being looked at, for example, is developing ways of recycling fibreglass boats more economically. It’s topical. With growing numbers of old boats soon coming to the end of their lives, the boating industry faces a looming environmental problem. Taking a leadership role now in providing long-term solutions to the old boat dilemma makes the boating industry more environmentally sustainable, which benefits manufacturers, dealers, and boaties alike.

Have a read of world views, and actions regarding this problem in this article on the Boating New Zealand website

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