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Innovations that changed the boating world

Innovations that changed the boating world

From celestial navigation and GPS to square wine bottles and motion sickness medication…there is a whole range of innovations that have changed the boating world over the years.

Such innovations are a great topic for boaties to ponder. What would you rank as the main 10 contenders? The website rightboat.com has come up with its suggestions. The oldest innovation on that list is the magnetic compass – inarguably something which changed the maritime world forever. The significance of sonar and radar is also noted – no surprises there, after all using more than the naked eye to navigate the oceans has to be one of the boating world’s greatest inventions.

Types of hulls, propellors, ropes, and paint are on the list as, of course, is fibreglass.

Have a read to see what’s most highly related. And, any idea when motion sickness medication (as opposed to folk remedies) first became an actual thing? Have a read.

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