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Know your ropes & knots

Know your ropes & knots

Popular opinion has it that the expression “know the ropes” comes from the days of sailing ships when sailors had to learn the details of the rigging in order to handle a ship's ropes.

A rope is very obviously not just a rope. On the Boating NZ website, we are introduced to three-strand laid rope, eight strand plait, woven braid, and dyneema braid. Knowing your ropes and rode is the topic of the Boating NZ article. Also revealed are the answers to when is a rope a rode, or a line, or a halyard? The merits of various types of rope – nylon, polyester, polypropylene – are covered, as is information around which rope is best for an anchor winch. As regards the later, it’s important to note that the choice of size, material, and construction (braided, stranded or plaited) can make a major difference to the effectiveness of an anchoring system, and in particular the operation of powered anchor winches.

If you’re left wondering which knots are best to know, then check out the Boaties’ Best Mate site. Here you can also enjoy some video demonstrating how to tie those knots right.

The five handy knots to know are:

Figure of eight knot

Reef knot (square knot)

Bowline knot

Clove hitch

Sheet bend

The details include what each knot is used for, its advantages, and what you shouldn’t use it for.

Those in the know will attest there’s no better way to learn how to tie these knots than being taken through it step by step. There is the option of learning the basics of rope work as well as navigation and boat safety with a Day Skipper course

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