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New Year’s resolutions for boaties in 2022

New Year’s resolutions for boaties in 2022

“More time out on the water” is likely to be a favoured New Year’s resolution amongst boat owners. And why not! Make that happen and chances are the new year will indeed be happy.

But, if you need more than one resolution, then now’s a good time to think about ways in which to make boating better for you and your family as we sail on in to 2022. Here are some thoughts:

  • It could be that your New Year’s resolution revolves around ensuring your excursions are as safe as possible
  • It may be that you excitedly plan boating adventures in areas you’ve not often (if ever) explored. It could be a case of visiting the place of your dreams
  •  Perhaps you’ll invest in a new water toy to enhance the family fun
  • The New Year may bring with it a commitment to taking on board new technology
  •  How about sharing your love of boating with non-boaters and inspire them.

That’s but five ideas. Who would know it, but there are web pages dedicated to boating- related New Year’s resolutions and these feature many more boating-related suggestions. The list includes: try a different type of boating, help to keep beaches and water clean, learn new skills, do more maintenance, do a distance race, grow your crew, leave a review (let your favourite marina, yacht club, or boatyard know why you love tying up with them), document your travels (a blog, journal entry, facebook post) … and so the possibilities go on.

Many of the New Year’s resolutions put forward for consideration by avid boaters include those that would fall under a “safety” category. These include taking a boating class (covering areas such as navigating with GPS, tying knots, using the VHF radio), upgrading life jackets, checking flares, and updating emergency equipment. Safety should always be front of mind as a goal, so stepping things up on this front and incorporating it into a New Year’s resolution is a commendable thing. Certainly, safety awareness should be amplified this summer with an increased number of kiwi boat owners out on the water, holidaying in their homeland, due to difficulties around overseas travel.

There are so many worthwhile ideas here that it wouldn’t be silly to have more than one boating-focused resolution. How about pushing the boat out to include two, such as “focus on having even more fun on the water” and “do what’s needed to ensure boating adventures are as safe as possible”?

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