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Restoring Faded Gel Coat

Does the gelcoat on your boat/jetski look old and do you want it restored to shine again? Don't sweat it—a little elbow grease, a buffer, some basic cleaning materials, and a couple of hours of your time is all it takes. Below are steps that will help you achieve that original shimmering glory of your vessel.


Begin by taping off the rub rail, fittings, and any other things that can't be removed, yet could get scraped up by the buffer. At that point, get a good oxidation remover (there are a lot of them accessible from your nearby boating supply store), and completely buff the gelcoat with a power buffer. As you do , remember to keep that buffer moving; holding it steady in one spot may result to an uneven sparkle.

*NOTE* After putting the liquid oxidation, make sure to place the power buffer against the fiberglass before switching it on. If not, the buffer will send the liquid flying!


In case you're an angler, the next thing to do is to set out a covering of protective bee's (paste) wax. It'll help in removing fish blood, scales and chum easier. Apply this coat by hand.


Now it's time to rub on a covering that will help seal the gel coat, and make it shine. For this step, you can utilize either a carnauba wax (for the brightest shine) or a fiberglass clean (for a long-lasting shine). Both offers a satisfying finish, however neither gives your vessel a protection as what a paste wax does. This covering can likewise be applied with the use of power buffer, yet make certain to change the bonnet first – never mix cleaners, waxes, oxidation removers or polishes on a similar bonnet.


Work on your boat/jetski in sections, as the wax or polishes dry, remove the excess using a fresh bonnet.


Believe you're done? Think again—now it's a great time to begin once again and give the boat/jetski a second coating of wax and polish, because one coat is never enough to draw out that marvellous shine we're searching for. What's more, now for the bad news: this whole second coat ought to be finished by hand, so the buffer doesn't remove too much of the first coat as you apply the second one.

With carnauba wax, your shine ought to keep going for two or three weeks. If it's done with polish you may get up to a month of shine. Past that, sun and rain will weather away that pretty finish. Boaties who want to look great all the time will plan to re-wax at regular intervals.