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Things to remember so you don't need your boat insurance

Boats are great, yet they can likewise be a ton of work. They’re predominantly high-maintenance and frequently require extensive amounts of time. Great boat insurance makes things easy when you have a claim, but being prepared means more than having great boat insurance. We at Mariner Insurance are here to help. We will be sharing some of thoughts on how not to need us. So, whether you’re an end of week warrior or a lifelong sailor, we hope these tips help. Some look obvious, until you need to claim on your boat insurance.

Take it Slow

You're unquestionably going to need to go slow when berthing. Keep in mind the well-known axiom: “Go slow and look like a pro”. Try not to be the person who gets noticed smashing into the dock. You may believe it's cool to whip your vessel out of the berth or away from the ramp and out like Scot Dixon. Trust us, it isn't. Berthing is the same, slamming her into reverse “at the right time” just doesn’t work out often. Take our advice and simply go slow, particularly if you're new to the water. Know your own prop walk if you have it.

Learn How to Handle/Back In a Boat Trailer

Maneuvering into a crowded or constricted space without knowing precisely how to move your single prop boat is one of life's great joys. So practice when there is nobody else around.

Do you like an audience when backing the trailer in? Well you will sure have one in summer. So it's critical to figure out how to deal with your boat trailer. Here's a viable piece of advice: when backing up a trailer, put your hand at the base of the wheel's 6 o'clock position. The direction that you turn the wheel is the direction that the trailer will go.

Make Sure You Are Up to Code

Nothing can mess up a lovely day out on the open seas, or on a beach like having a little accident that a well set up first aid kit would sort out. And make sure its up to date, like your extinguishers and flares. Yes, we know you think you won’t need them. But you might. Just like boat insurance.

Know the Tides

It is incredibly important to know the time and heights of high and low tides before heading out. It is often vital to know when “to go or not to go” in and out of an inlet or a tributary. It might likewise enable you to keep away from groundings amid low tide in unmarked areas. We suggest you take a basic boating-safety-course over the weekend with your local coastguard. It’s affordable and will give you peace of mind. Hitting rocks and running aground are big causes of claiming on your boat insurance

Think Ahead

Always overdress (you get extra points for having a trendy sailing outfit)! Weather conditions on the water are typically not the same as ashore. When heading out for a day on the water, make certain to bring skin protection such as sunscreen and a shirts. Nothing can mess up a weekend of beautiful weather like getting terrible sunburn. Additionally, be sure to have snacks and water. Everyone is more joyful (especially kids) when they are well fed and extra water aboard is never a bad idea.

Get Covered

If you’re out on the water, it makes sense to get comprehensive boat insurance that will be there for you if you ever do need it.

We’ve been supporting Kiwi boaties for more than a decade and take pride in ensuring our clients are properly covered, without breaking the bank.