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Vessel checks over winter

Vessel checks over winter

It pays to listen to what Maritime NZ recommends. A case in point is the advice to check your vessel over during winter. After all, we all want to be prepared for when the great boating weather rolls around again and simple checks will help protect us, our passengers, and other water users.

So, what do these recommended simple checks entail?

  • Check lifejackets – ensure they are still fit for purpose
  • Check the expiry dates on emergency beacons and fire extinguishers, and stress test other safety equipment on board
  • Flush out engines  
  • Make sure you have the necessary resources on board – this list includes, for example, navigation equipment, warm clothing, a first aid kit, a bailing system, and more.

For a comprehensive understanding of what you should be undertaking have a read here

Spending a couple of hours doing these checks now will pay off when you do go out again in a couple of months’ time, says Recreational Boating and Common Compliance senior advisor Matt Wood.

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