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World’s fastest boats

World’s fastest boats

Speed doesn’t matter. Yeah, right!

(Image: Cigarette Racing Team.)

Some would say (and they do) that human obsession with speed goes back to the time when man first invented the wheel. And the same “some” have dedicated an article to sharing with us up-to-date information about the 10 fastest speedboats in the world. The name of the boats, their horsepower, engines, age, capability for carrying passengers, and of-course their speed, all get a mention.

Kiwis won’t have to look far to find a super speedster. The Spirit of Australia (a jet-powered hydroplane) is the fastest to look out for in 2021, with a speed of 317 miles per hour (so that’s just over 500 kilometres per hour). Interestingly, the sleek speedsters ranked first and second on the list are hardly new creations. The Spirit of Australia dates back to 1978, while the Bluebird K7 is more than half a century old (it’s of 1955 vintage).

The third-place getter is worth a mention due to its name – Problem Child! Also worth noting is Cigarette Racing, reputed to be one of the fastest electric speed boats in the world. Then there’s the Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster - a large boat with seating capacity for up to 10 people. With a 400-gallon fuel tank, the 5200 Roadster has 5400 HP engines, making it one of the most powerful boats in the water. It is also the ultimate in luxury boating, featuring a padded sun lounge, swimming platform with boarding ladder, video monitors, state-of-the-art music system and aft facing seats with coolers.

Check out this article for more about all of these incredible boats – including photos. It’s little wonder the word “beautiful” features in the link to this article.

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