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From celestial navigation and GPS to square wine bottles and motion sickness medication…there is a whole range of innovations that have changed the boating world over the years.

In the same way that electric cars, and now boats are becoming more commonplace, electric jet skis are on their way, it's only a matter of when!

Love boating so much you'd like a job in the industry? You're in luck, NZ Marine has launched a new marine jobs website to bring together employers and those looking for new roles within the sector.

We all love a good mystery. Add the words “ghost ship” to “mysteries” and most of us will be riveted already.

Sea shantys. We know they involve music, but what are they exactly and why is this musical genre blowing up on social media?

What happens to boats when they die? It’s a good question, especially in these days when environmental care is front of mind.

The New Zealand marine industry predicted choppy waters ahead when Covid 19 arrived on our shores. It seemed a natural assumption but there was no need for any hard-time bracing; boat sales soared.

Whoever knew that phrases such as turn a blind eye, toe the line, at loggerheads and chock-a-block have origins steeped in seafaring history.

A day out on the water can bring so much joy, and thankfully those with physical and mental disabilities have a number of ways to participate.

Speed doesn’t matter. Yeah, right!

Jason Hunter is Mariner’s newest crew member, taking on the role of Sales Support. Find out why he's a great catch for the Mariner team.

It's amazing that some of these watercraft can float!